6 creative and affordable fundraising ideas for youth sports teams

Selling cookie dough and discount cards door-to-door may be a classic way to raise funds, but it may not be the best option for your youth sports team to achieve its fundraising target. Here are 6 more efficient fundraising ideas for youth sports team fundraising.

1. Host a skills clinic

Hosting a community sports clinic is a dream come true for young athletes. Contact local high school, college, minor, and major league teams to request their participation in a training session, or use of their field/court. Consider offering multiple clinics and allowing online registration for parents to maximize convenience and fundraising success. Participants, including your sports team and local sports fans, will have the opportunity to connect with professional athletes, and clinic volunteers will learn the importance of supporting future all-stars. Don’t miss this chance for a magical and memorable fundraiser.

2. Open a concession stand

Concession stand fundraising Ideas

Popcorn anyone? Concession stands are a staple at games and a low-pressure way to raise funds. Buy popular, low-cost snacks like candy, chips, pickles, water, and hot dog ingredients from online wholesalers. Have family and friends run a booth or table at your team’s games and tournaments, or set up shop at a nearby community center for more customers.

Consider selling concession rights to a local business. For example, a sandwich shop could have a stand at your Little League games and donate a portion of sales to your team. This strategy works best if you have high attendance and hungry game-goers. Get your snacks out there and start earning money all year.

3. Sell team merchandise

Restaurant Fundraiser: A simple solution for youth sports teams fundraising. Partner with a local restaurant, they may donate 10-20% of your supporters’ meal purchases or a portion of the day’s sales. Schedule a date, promote through social media, email, and flyers, then collect the earnings after the event.

4. Take over a restaurant

A restaurant fundraiser is an easy option for youth sports teams. Find a local restaurant to host the event. Many restaurants from small to big chains will donate 10-20% of fans’ meal purchases or a portion of the day’s sales. Set a date, promote the event through social media, email and flyers, then collect the earnings after the event.

5. Secure a team sponsorship

Businesses and non-profits sponsor sports teams to boost their visibility, like AT&T Stadium, Coca-Cola Park, or Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Sponsorship doesn’t require a full stadium, companies pay for team gear, sports camps, and more for a team uniform or social media ads. You don’t need to have the best program to get sponsorship, simply specify the funds needed and emphasize the value of advertising with your team. To start, follow our guide to write a donation request letter and include reasons to sponsor a youth sports team in the letter or pitch.

6. Hold a flower bulb sale

Flower bulb sales may not seem obvious for youth sports team fundraising, but it actually aligns well with the athletic season. As fall and spring sports like basketball, football, baseball, and soccer start, gardeners begin planting flowers, fruits, and veggies. Timing is key to successful fundraising, so this unique sports fundraiser could attract attention and bring in profit. There are 2 ways to run this campaign:

  1. Partner with a wholesale flower retailer. Pre-order bulbs, then place the order online after the campaign ends. This method offers a wider variety of plants, has no upfront costs, and the company handles shipping, but the bulb cost will be deducted from the profit.
  1. Ask for donations from nurseries and landscaping stores. Promote the flowers online and arrange pick-up and shipping or set up a stand to sell in person. This method offers free bulbs and possibly higher profits, but a limited quantity and variety.

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