How to Set Premium Custom T-Shirts Apart: 3 Features

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When searching for custom t-shirts printing near me, you may question the differences between options, especially given the varying prices. However, premium custom tshirts and apparel can justify the higher cost through their added benefits. We’ll explain these benefits to help you make an informed decision on which option is best for you, whether you’re looking for same day custom t-shirts printing or unique screen printing services. 

1. Premium & Super Soft Fabrics: A Must-Have for T-Shirt Printing

One key difference between premium apparel and standard options is the quality of the materials used. Premium apparel is often made with higher grade cotton, such as combed and ring-spun cotton, which goes through a more refined manufacturing process to make it softer and smoother to the touch. This not only improves the feel of the t-shirt but also enhances the appearance of any custom designs printed on it through advanced screen printing techniques.

Additionally, premium fabrics may also incorporate other materials like polyester and rayon to further improve the drape and feel of the fabric. An example of this can be seen in the Tri-Blend Crew by Next Level, which is known for its ultra-soft and smooth texture, and elegant drape when worn. This premium blend of materials not only adds to the overall comfort of the apparel but also gives it a luxurious feel and look.

2. Not Sure of Your Fit & Construction? 

Another feature that sets premium apparel apart is the attention to fit and construction. These products are often made with more fabric pieces to improve the natural fit on the body or for added style. If you’re seeking custom tshirts printing near you, the fit is crucial to ensure your t-shirt looks and feels just right.

One example of this is t-shirts with a side-seam construction. Instead of the cheaper tubular design, premium t-shirts are crafted with seams on either side of the torso that join the distinct front and back panels that are shaped to provide a more tailored fit. A great example of this is the Jersey T-Shirt by Bella Canvas, which utilizes side-seams for a more fitted look on the sleeves and shoulders. In general, premium apparel options offer a more modern and flattering fit. Which is ideal for custom screen printing designs nearby.

3. Specialty Processes: Elevate Your Custom T-Shirts Printing Experience

Another aspect that sets premium apparel apart is the use of specialty processes to create unique and distinctive products. This can include processes such as sueding, which is used to create a plush and slightly velvety feel on a t-shirt. An example of this is the Sueded T-Shirt by Bella Canvas, which is brushed to give it a luxurious and satisfying feel.

Another example of a specialty process is garment-dyeing and soft-washing. This process is used to create a unique pastel color and a soft, worn-in feel. making it an excellent choice for custom screen printing. An example of this can be seen in the Pigment Dyed Tee from Comfort Colors. This special dyeing process gives the shirt a vintage look and feel, making it stand out from the standard apparel options.

These specialty processes not only make the apparel unique but also add to the overall quality and luxury of the product. Enhancing your custom t-shirt experience.

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Take your Custom T-shirts to the Next Level

In addition to the features mentioned above, premium apparel also offers a wide range of unique styles and cuts. These options are crafted with advanced patterns, blended and refined materials, and specialized processes that make them worth their higher price point.

When creating apparel that people will want to wear, it’s worth considering premium options. Businesses that want to convey a specific message through their branded apparel should consider the benefits of using premium t-shirts, which are softer and more luxurious. The use of premium apparel can help to project a professional and sophisticated image, making them a worthwhile investment.

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